Moa Single Pendant


Murmurations are custom installations inspired by a breathtaking natural phenomenon. Flocking is considered an emergent behavior arising from simple rules that are followed by individuals without any central coordination. By creating our own simple design rules, we are able to create dynamic light installations comprising of a single layered cardboard pendant. These chandeliers are scalable from few to many pendants and can be customized to accentuate any space.

Graypants Murmurations chandeliers are designed to complement any type of project. These are available as project-specific custom installations of any size using our standard Moa pendants.

Moa pendants are available as standard pendants, or as custom Murmurations installations. Moa pendants feature individual or linear arrays of our smallest cardboard shade, suspended from a blackened steel pipe.

Size (NA): –
Size (EU): –

Cord (NA): White, 6.5ft (16ft available)
Cord (EU): White fabric, 2m (5m available)

Canopy (NA): White powder coated, Ø 5, H 1 (in)
Canopy (EU): Gray powder coated, Ø 10, H 2.5 (cm)

For use in a dry location. Clean with a dry duster or compressed air. Shades are non-toxic, handmade, and manufactured using responsible practices.

Detailed spec sheets are available on our Resources page.

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